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ACI = Archery - τοξοβολία - Κως- toxovolia - Bogenschiessen

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+41/78-8393820 (when in Switzerland)

+30/694-0028218 (when in Kos)

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Our Story

Coming from Austria (OeBSV), still living in Switzerland (BCB), teaching (when there) at Kos (ACI) - that's me... KOS ARCHERY (FB-Group,...).

Mobile Coaching - at your accomodation, at your Hotel. Just call (or use WhatsApp) to arrange a Coaching-Date = 1.5 hours (!) for one Lesson. The costs are € 5,-- for kids until 14, and € 10,-- for adults,  (Minimum 30,--). Due to the high gazoline-costs please notice that there will be a small charge when teaching around Kefalos - thx!

Our Mission

Teaching (Coaching) starts at Lesson Nr. 1. - for all beginners.

The whole material will be brought to the place where you spend your holidays - and I will show you the exact handling with bow and arrows... Fun and activity for the whole family!

Just ask at your Reception for a Flyer of ACI...


Or send a message by using WhatsApp, Viber or Threema (just safe the ACI-Phone-Number - or the BCB-Number - in your Mobile-Phone!)

See you @ Kos (

If sending information by using the button "Kontakt (=contact), you always can be sure that your privacy is protected and personal information is only used to get in touch with ACI - and you!

Archery - Coaching - KOS

Toxovolia - τοξοβολία - Κως


Coachings at the Beach or at YOUR Hotel,



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Guenther Hoellthaler

Marmaroto Peleziki

OASIS-Appartements, 1c (Koulianos),

85300 KOS, Greece

Tel: +30/694-0028218 (only when I am in Kos, otherwise please call +41/78-8393820)