ACI - Archery - Coaching - International

Our Story

Coming from Austria (OeBSV), living in Switzerland (BCB), teaching from June - October at Kos (ACI) - that's me...

Mobile Coaching - at your accomodation, at your Hotel. Just call (or use WhatsApp) to arrange a Coaching-Date = 1.5 hours (!) for one Lesson. The costs are 7,-- for kids until 14, and 12,-- for adults,  basing on a group of 10 people!

Our Mission

Teaching (Coaching) starts at Lesson Nr. 1. - for all beginners.

The whole material will be brought to the place where you spend your holidays - and I will show you the exact handling with bow and arrows... Fun and activity for the whole family!

Just ask at your Reception for a Flyer of ACI...